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HTR Contact: Sarah Alessio Shea
Phone: 412.488.7490 ext.236
Email: saraha@prc.org


PRC is partnering with NOVA Chemicals and Appliance Warehouse to collect hard white packaging material for recycling free of charge at our Hard to Recycle collection events in 2014.  The packing material will be recycled and re-used to make new products like picture frames and clothes hangers.
Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about Polystyrene Recycling:

What is EPS packaging material?

  • Answer: Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is the hard white packaging material in the image shown above. It is often used as protective packaging for items such as televisions and household appliances.







How will the EPS packaging material be recycled?

  • Answer: The Appliance Warehouse will process the collected packing material to turn the loose pieces into blocks of compressed material that can be more efficiently shipped. A recycler will take these blocks and reprocess them into plastic pellets that can be used to make new items such as picture frames and clothes hangers.

    NOVA Chemicals introduced an internal Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) collection program for its employees in 2012. Partnering with PRC/Appliance Warehouse will allow NOVA Chemicals to expand the opportunities for recycling EPS in western Pennsylvania.

So where can I recycle my EPS packaging material?

  • Answer:
    • The Appliance Warehouse accepts this material year round at their location. 

      Call ahead before dropping off.                     
      Appliance Warehouse
      523 Bingham Street
      Pittsburgh, PA  15203

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